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Help & Info about MegaDownloader for windows

  • Does the MegaDownloader tool work for other websites?

    If you are using this tool, you are only able to download from the MEGA website ( It is a lightweight piece of software that was designed to help people download files from the MEGA website.
  • How do I upload files?

    The MEGA website/service allows you to upload files. However, there is also a MegaUploader app that was created by the same people who made the downloader.
  • Is MegaDownloader an official app?

    MegaDownloader is a standalone app, it is not official, but is it completely free to use with no added charges to use or download it. It is not free in terms of being an open source piece of software. You are not allowed to change the program as you would with open source, but the software is free to use and distribute because the developers have said so.
  • What will MegaDownloader need in order for it to work?

    To make it work you will need to have the NET4.0 or a higher upgrade, Windows 7, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 8 or Windows 10. You are also able to use it on your Mac if you install the NET 4.0 or a higher version.
  • I need to decrypt my files, how do I do this?

    Files are decrypted while they are being downloaded. This means that you will not have to dedicate extra disk space or RAM to the decryption process.
  • How do I change the size of the name column?

    You cannot change the size of the name column because it has already been resized automatically. If you modify the size of the other columns, then it will alter the size of the name column.
  • It keeps saying 509 bandwidth exceeded, how can I stop this error?

    Mega has a limit as to how much you may download, and there is nothing you can do about it because the limit is implemented on the server side. Some people get around this by using an Internet service provider that offers a dynamic IP, and then turning off and restarting their router to force an IP change.
  • What license does the Magadownloader program have?

    Megadownloader has a free license, and the program has no warranties. You are able to redistribute as much as you want, but you won't be able to do any modifying. Think of it as having a copyright/license, but the license holder said you can have and share it for free. They will not allow you to change the program, and they have not given away the code so that people may change it. It is not an open-source piece of software.
  • How do I go about leaving a feedback to Megadownloader?

    You are able to leave feedback about the program using the “Help and About” link on the program GUI.
  • What is the point of a MegaDownloader tool for a cloud storage website?

    People have started using tools such as the MegaDownloader tool, the MegaUploader tool, and the MEGA website/service in combination to act as a BitTorrent tool. People upload files and then share them among a great many people who download the files with MegaDownloader.


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